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Agricultural Developments

By constructing environmentally sustainable organic food systems that require no soil. Families can produce a faster harvest of pesticide-free and nutrient-rich outputs such as vegetables, fruits, and herbs – while using significantly less water, space, and energy than traditional agriculture.

Food For Citizens

We provide food and health care for the less priviledged; Adults and Children.

Education For The Poor Children

We seek to balance the inequality between the less priviledged and well to do in terms of Education and Career Opportunities.

Youth Empowerments

Even before there was a pandemic, Youth-led MSMEs faced more challenges in comparison to their male counterparts. We are working towards empowering these youths.

Our Mission
We’re On A Mission On Making The World A Better Place For All.

We believe that everyone deserves the right to live a better life. This is what we aim and strive for.

From poverty to health, to education, Our area of focus is to offer the opportunity to improve the quality of life for millions of people.
To build partnerships that bring together resources, expertise and vision- working with the best organisations around the globe to identify issues, find solutions and drive change.

With highly organized and coordinated efforts, our NGO shall achieve great steps in making lives better for the Global populace, contributing significantly to Child education, Health care delivering and Orphanages, and lots more.

Our Vission
We are a nonprofit fighting poverty, disease, and inequity around the world..

We can’t accomplish our objectives all alone. We cooperate with organizations, government, and not-for-profits, and each accomplice assumes a particular part in speeding up progress.

For 5 years, The Planetary Foundation has been focused on handling the best disparities in our reality.

We have in joint coordinated effort with different NGOs, helped numerous nations in Equity, Poverty alleviation, Education, Health, Agriculture, and lots more.

According to the World Bank, if a person is living on $1.90 a day or less, then he/she is living in extreme poverty, and currently, 767 million people of the world fall under that category.

Our NGO believe the world can still be a better place for all!

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In addition to our ongoing impact in various parts of Asia, Europe, America, and parts of Africa.


In addition to our ongoing projects in various parts of Asia, Europe, America, Africa.


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